Welcome to the Vampire Armand art gallery! Please use the floor map to navigate this museum.

Step on the Bridge of Sighs to enjoy a collection of fine paintings that inspired the creation of the devil who "still retained the face and form of the angel after the fall".

Have a look at our Body and Blood exhibition to see the images coming from the official sources, e.g. book covers, illustrations and images from movie adaptations. Probably raise an eyebrow;)

And the highlight of the museum, the Appassionata collection, the finest artwork created by the talented artists who share our passion for the vampire Armand! 

As you take your leave, please stop by the visitor desk to sigh the Visitors' book, and proceed to the exits, where you can easily find another path to follow.

If you have a work of art you wish to contribute to the gallery, you are most welcome:) just >> e-mail Frankie and we'll post it.

Special thankyous to: DarkAngel, the owner of the Emerald Eyes Gallery;
 Marc for all his help; Web Gallery of Art for the fine art images;
 Sianna for scanning graphic novels and Alice for selecting
 some of the pictures; and of course to all the artists who  made
this gallery happen! Please respect their copyright and do not 
take anything from this site without asking them. Thank you!
Note: drawings by Dany&Dany Ksenia, Melisante
and Ulerica were used the collages.