All quotes from the book Pandora are © Anne Rice

To make this site, I used the work of the following Pre-Rafaelite and Romantic painters

John White Alexander
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Sir Edward Burne-Jones
Hon. John Collier
Jean Delville
Jean-Leon Gerome
John William Godward
Gustav Klimt
Frederick Leighton
Edwin Long
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Elihu Vedder
John William Waterhouse

All these painting courtesy of these galleries



Renaissance Cafe

I do not give the list of paintings here, but you can check the file names of the images.

I do not own the copyright on any of there paintings! 
I just retouched them to fit in the style of my site.
It means you can use any of them, although I would recommend 
to check out the galleries they come from for the original images.

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