This site is a tribute to Pandora, a sadly underrated (well, at least not that popular) novel by Anne Rice. I personally believe it to be one of her finest works. Here I tried to combine the beauty of the book itself and some works of art, which, in my opinion, perfectly render the ancient spirit revived in our days.

Some of the paintings used here are true to historical detail, others fit very well visually, the rest simply reflect my idea of Pandora.

If you are yet to read Pandora, I don't think you'll find major spoilers here that will ruin the plot, but if you don't want to risk, simply do not read the quotes which accompany the pictures. Those of you who, like me, have read the book and loved it, please browse through the site as the story unfolds.

Of course, I welcome your comments and suggestions. As I find more appropriate paitings, I'll be adding them, so check back for the news. I hope you'll enjoy viewing this site as much as I enjoyed making it. 

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