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: beat, blues progressive, art-rock, krautrock, post-punk, new wave, indie , , , . . , : (pressing), (label), (sleeve), (inner sleeves, inserts, booklets, posters, postcards). c / ( Mint (M): M, M-, Ex, VG++, VG+, VG, P, F).
ADAM AND THE ANTS: Kings Of The Wild Frontier 1980 CBS 84549 (original pressing with inner sleeve) Ex/Ex England $10

ASIA: Alpha 1983 CBS GEF 25508 (original pressing with inner sleeve) England M-/Ex $8

BEACH BOYS: Wild Honey 1966 Capitol EMI T 2850 (original MONO pressing on black rainbow rim Capitol label, flipback sleeve laminated) Ex/Ex $40

BEATLES: Rubber Soul 1965 Parlophone PCS 3075 (very rare Danish 2nd pressing of 1968 in laminated sleeve) Denmark VG+/VG++ $40

BUZZCOCKS: Another Music In Different Kitchen 1978 United Artists UAG 30159 (rare UK punk, original pressing with custom label) Ex/VG++ $20

CAN: Soon Over Babaluma United Artists UA-LA343G (rare original US pressing in die-cut sleeve)
USA Ex/M- $60

CAN: Opener 1976 Sunset SLS 50400 (original German pressing with black label) Germany Ex/M- $50

CAN: Out Of Reach 1978 Harvest 1C 066 32715 (original German pressing) Germany M/M $50

CAN: Moonshake 1989 Marcon Path (rare bootleg, live recordings 73-74) HIP 45-5689 UK Ex/M- $50

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND: Strictly Personal 1968 Liberty LBS (original British pressing on blue Liberty label in gatefold sleeve) Ex/Ex $120

CHICAGO: Chicago Transit Authority 1969 (2LP) Columbia CS 9836 (2nd pressing of 1970, standard orange label with Roman lettering printing) M/M $25

COLOSSEUM: To Those Who About To Die Salute You 1969 Fontana STL 5510 (original pressing in gatefold sleeve laminated, black/silver label) England M-/M- $150

COLOSSEUM: Daughter Of Time 1971 Vertigo 6360 017 (original French pressing in gatefold sleeve laminated, Vertigo SWIRL BIG label) France M/M $75

DAMNED: Anything 1986 MCA (original US pressing) MCA 5966 USA M-/M $10

Spencer DAVIS GROUP: Autumn 66 1967 Fontana (original German pressing on black/silver Fontana label) Ex/Ex $100

"DIRE STRAITS": "Love Over Gold" 1982 Vertigo 6359 109 (original Norwegian pressing with inner sleeve) Norway M-/M- $12

Bob DYLAN: John Wesley Harding 1967 Columbia CS 9604 (original stereo pressing on 360 Sound Stereo label) VG+/Ex $25

Bob DYLAN: Self Portrait 1970 (2 LP) CBS S 66 250 (original German pressing on dark orange CBS label, gatefold sleeve) Ex/Ex Germany Ex/Ex $25

ELEPHANTS MEMORY: Elephants Memory 1972 Apple SMAS 3388 (original pressing in gatefold sleeve with insert) M-/M $50

FLEETWOOD MAC: Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac 1967 Epic BN 26402 (original US pressing with yellow label) USA M-/M $60

FLEETWOOD MAC: English Rose 1969 1969 Epic BN 26446 (original US pressing with yellow label) USA M-/M $60

FLEETWOOD MAC: The Pious Bird Of A Good Omen 1969 Blue Horizon 7-63215 (original English pressing) M/M $100

FLEETWOOD MAC: Then Play On 1970 Reprise RS 6368 (original US pressing in gatefold sleeve with steamship label) USA Ex/M- $30

John FOXX (ex-ULTRAVOX): Metamatic 1980 Virgin OVED 46 England M-/M $10

John FOXX: John Foxx 1981 Metal Beat META 1101 (original pressing, Canadian only release in gatefold sleeve) Canada M-/M- $10

FREE: Free 1969 Island/Fontana 849 306(original pressing in gatefold sleeve with pink red ball label) Germany Ex/M- $50

FREE: Fire And Water 1970 Island/Fontana 6339 007 (original pressing in laminated sleeve with pink i label) Germany M/M $50

FREE: Heartbreaker 1973 Island/Capitol SW-9324 (original US pressing distributed by Capitol Records and palm tree pink rim label) M-/M USA $25

Glenn FREY: The Allnighter 1984 MCA 5501(original pressing with inner sleeve) USA Ex/M- $10

Glenn FREY: Soul Searching 1988 MCA 6239 (original pressing with inner sleeve) USA M-/M $10

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD: Phoenix 1972 Capitol SMAS 11099 (original pressing in gatefold sleeve with custom label) USA Ex/M- $30

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD: Were Are An American Band 1973 Capitol SMAS-11027 (original pressing on GOLD VINYL in gatefold sleeve with sticker on cover) M/M $40

Peter GREEN: End Of A Game 1970 Reprise RSLP 9006 (original UK pressing in laminated sleeve with original steamship label) England M/M $70

Peter GREEN: In The Skies 1979 PVK PVLS 101 (original pressing on GREEN VYNIL with sticker in gatefold sleeve) England Ex/M $25

Peter GREEN: Little Dreamer 1980 PVK PVLS 102 (original pressing with inner sleeve) England M/M $25

HAWKWIND: Hawkwind 1970 Liberty LBS 1972921 (80s re-issue) England M-/Ex $15

HAWKWIND: Hall Of The Mountain Grill 1975 United Artists UAG 29 672 (original pressing with hard inner sleeve) England M/M $50

Don HENLEY(ex-EAGLES): Cant Stand Still 1982 Asylum E1-60048 (original pressing with inner sleeve) USA M/M $10

HUMAN LEAGUE: Love And Dancing 1982 Virgin OVED 6 (original pressing) England Ex/Ex $10

HUMAN LEAGUE: Hysteria 1984 (original pressing with inner sleeve in gatefold sleeve) Virgin V 2315 England Ex/M- $8

JAPAN: The Art Of Parties 12'' 1980 Virgin VEP 305 Canada Ex/Ex $7
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: Surrealistic Pillow 1967 RCA Victor LSO (original dog at the top black label) USA Ex/Ex $40

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: After Bathing At Baxters 1968 RCA Victor LSO 1511 (original dog at tof the top black label, gatefold) USA VG+/VG++ $25

"KILLING JOKE": "What's This For..." EG Records EGMD 5.50 1981 (original UK pressing) Ex/VG++ $10

KING CRIMSON: Starless And Bible Black 1974 Island-Ariola 87 751 IT (original German pressing in gatefold sleeve with insert, palm tree pink rim label) Germany M/M $50

KINKS: The Kinks 1964 Pye records NPL 18096 (original MONO pressing on red Pye label) England VG++/VG+ $80

KINKS: Something Else 1967 Pye NSPL (original STEREO pressing on red label) Holland Ex/Ex $ 120

KINKS: Soap Opera 1975 RCA (original US pressing with on orange label, gatefold sleeve) Ex/Ex $ 20

KINKS: Sleepwalker 1978 Arista AL 4106 (original US pressing on black Arista label ) USA M/Ex $15

KINKS: Low Budget 1979 Arista AB 4240 (original US pressing) USA M-/M $15

KINKS: State Of Confusion 1983 Arista 205 275 (original German pressing) Germany M/M- $12

KRAFTWERK: Kraftwerk 1970 Philips 6305 058 (original pressing in gatefold sleeve, originally issued in Germany only, very rare) Germany VG++/Ex (SOC) $100

KRAFTWERK: Ralf And Florian 1973 Philips 6305 197 (rare Spanish issue) Spain M-/M $60

KRAFTWERK: Die Mensch Maschine 1978 Kling Klang Germany 1C 058 32843 (original German pressing with picture label and inner sleeve) Germany M-/M- $35

KRAAN: Flyday 1977 Harvest 1C 064 45 210 (original pressing on blue vinyl) Germany Ex/M- $35

LED ZEPPELIN: II 1969 Atlantic SD 8236 (original pressing in gatefold sleeve with 1841 Broadway NYC address and gold sticker on cover) USA Ex/Ex $25

LED ZEPPELIN: III 1970 Atlantic SD 7201 (original pressing in gatefold sleeve with inner circle with 1841 Broadway NYC address) USA M/M $30

LED ZEPPELIN: Presence 1976 Swan Song SSK 59402 (original pressing in gatefold sleeve with inner sleeve) England Ex/Ex $40

LED ZEPPELIN: In Through The Out Door 1979 Atlantic SS 16002 (original pressing with inner sleeve) USA Ex/Ex $20

"LEVEL 42": "The Pursuit Of Accidents" 1982 Polydor POLY 5597 (original US pressing) USA M-/M- $10

MAN: Slow Motion 1974 United Artists UAD 26675 (original pressing with inner sleeve) Ex/M- $25

"MANFRED MANN": "Glorified Magnified" 1972 Polydor PD 5031 (original US pressing in gatefold sleeve) USA Ex/M- $25

MANFRED MANN: Get Your Rocks Off 1973 Polydor (gatefold, rare US pressing of Messin) 1973 Polydor PD 5050 USA Ex/Ex $20

MANFRED MANN": Solar Fire 1973 Polydor PD 6019 (original US pressing) USA Ex/Ex $18

MANFRED MANN: The Good Earth 1974 Island ILPS 9306 (original British pressing produced for Sweden with English matrix, inner sleeve) Sweden Ex/M- $20

MANFRED MANN: Nightingales And Bombers 1975 Island ILPS 9337 (original pressing) England Ex/Ex $30

MANFRED MANN: The Roaring Silence 1976 Bronze ILPS 9357 (original pressing) England Ex/Ex $25

Phil MANZANERA: K-Scope 1979 Polydor 2310 633 (original Norvegian pressing with inner sleeve) Norway M-/M- $15

Paul McCARTNEY AND WINGS: Venus And Mars 1975 Capitol PCTC 254 (original pressing in gatefold sleeve, with inner sleeve + POSTER, sticker) England Ex/Ex $25

Steve MILLER BAND: Children Of The Future 1968 Capitol EMI ST 2920 (original pressing with yellow label) England M/M- $50

Steve MILLER BAND: Number 5 1970 Capitol SKAO-436 (original pressing in gatefold sleeve with light green label) USA Ex/Ex $25

Steve MILLER BAND: Joker 1973 Capitol EMI EA-ST 11235 (original UK pressing in gatefold sleeve with yellow label) England Ex/Ex $25

Steve MILLER BAND: Fly Like An Eagle 1976 Mercury 6303 925 (original German pressing in laminated cover) Germany M-/M $12

Patric MORAZ: Patric Moraz 1976 Charisma CDS 4002 (original issue, mispressing) VG/VG England $7

MOVE: Shazam! 1970 A&M SP 4259 (original US pressing with brown label) M/M $40

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